Spring Kickoff Kicks Off

-Marvy C.-

Spring Welcome Night, it finally happened! All the hours of flyering, tabling, and DC outreach led to an unforgettable time of seeing new faces as well as old. Our awesome freshman MC’s kicked off the night with a game of guessing different national holiday dates. Did you know that March 11th is national napping day? 


We then watched a short skit depicting the life of an average student with trials of SAT prep, i-phones, and romance which left the main character wondering, “Is there something more?”. Isaiah followed the sensational acting with a message about the pool of Bethesda. We learned that just like the main character of the skit, we are chasing after different things to satisfy our desires when ultimately the only missing entity from our lives is Jesus.


After the thought provoking message, we dug into delicious bentos as we experienced the …interesting performances of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. [you can click through the pictures!]

To end the night we had the KLESIS OLYMPICS: a friendly but fierce competition between the different classes. The events included a caterpillar relay, pig wrestling, arm wrestling, basketball shooting, and an epic ping pong battle between Genji N. and Gavin L. followed by Steve. Check out our Flickr page for more pictures. Catch you next Friday!!

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