Senior Retreat 2019



Klesis Senior Retreat

Wow, it has been a month since the senior class from all church plants met during the Presidents’ Day weekend for church wide senior retreat!

It was an awesome weekend of catching up with our peers from all over the nation, and getting to know our peers from the East Coast. We started off our retreat on Friday night with having dinner with peers and staff, and we were blessed by the appetizing and delicious dishes prepared by the Praxis members. After dinner, all of us had the chance to have some fun with icebreakers activities such as coming up with a short dance performance in 5 minutes.


We were blessed and encouraged by the conversations with one another, and sharing about the dynamics of different church plants, testimonies and fun stories! And of course, gaining insights into post-grad life from testimonies and sharings, and considering what our vision of life is for the next couple years.

Saturday was a packed day, as Pastor Ed. gave messages about remembering God’s promise and how He has worked in our lives. Through testimonies from various staff, we were able to gain insights into the struggles and joy in their decisions to follow God wholeheartedly and putting God first above anything else. This year’s retreat focused on the vision we have for our post-grad life, and we were able to consider who we want to be in a couple years time and what our lives will revolve around.


As we watched Lord of The Rings with Pastor Ed’s commentary, we were able to reflect on how sins take control of our lives and affect our relationships with people. The contrast between despair and hope was apparent throughout the movie, and we got to see how despair came from arrogance and hope from faith.


We had lots of fun meeting our peers from other church plants and sharing about the retreat during our trip to SF Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday while braving the freezing and chilly weather at SF.


Looking forward to where God will lead the seniors next year!