Bros/Sis Night - Feb. 22 2019

- Eva S. & Sean L. -

It was a Friday of fun and epic bonding time, where the brothers and sisters split up for Bros and Sisters Night!

The bros met up at Camden House to start of the night with some fellowship. Some guys dove straight into Loopin’ Louie, while others sat back and talked and laugh with each other. Some arrived earlier in the night to help cook some awesome food! PORK ADOBO WAS THE MAIN DISH OF THE NIGHT! THANK YOU CHEFS!!

Dinner Time!.jpg

We ended our time at Camden with a Bible study! Steve Suh led the night with a message on…

Go Teddy!.jpg

It would not be a Bros Night without a time of sports! After Camden, the bros traveled to Bladium to have an epic sports time. Fun Fact: Bladium used to be a naval base in Alameda, but it has become a sports and fitness club, where people gather together to play sports. The bros split up to play soccer and basketball, and to end the night, everyone came together to play a huge game of ultimate frisbee. STAFFS vs. STUDENTS! The staffs won, but the students were just going easy on them of course… It was a fun night. Brothers got closer and calories were burned. Hope to have another night like this in the future!

Kick That Ball.jpg

For the sisters, Friday night was filled with warm fellowship and a time of sharing testimonies and discovering their Enneagrams! The Enneagram is a type of personality test with a nine personality types, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. We also saw which bible character we were most like based on our Enneagram type – Type 1s, often known for their strong will and perfectionistic qualities, is compared to Apostle Paul, as he was turned to a man willing to suffer extremely for the cause of Christ. “Helpers”, known as Type 2s, are empathetic, warm-hearted, and shares similarities with Mary and John the Apostle.


The Type Sevens!


The sisters also had a cozy gathering with an informal Q&A session with the staff and older sisters. What better way to spend a rainy evening?


And, that’s a wrap! Make sure to tune in next week to see what we’re up to!

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