Homegroup 2 Friday: Bible study and sports night

This Friday, Kle2 had bible study at Klesis House with a thought-provoking message given by Kevan H. We started off the night by reading a passage from Luke 5 where we continued our study of the person of Jesus and talked about topics ranging from meaning to our life's purpose._AXL0124 At the end of the night, we headed out to the RSF for an action-packed sports night with Kle1. Things got heated as teams were formed: sophomore and juniors vs. the freshman and seniors.


The night was filled with classic games like ultimate frisbee and the crowd favorite brave heart. Here we see junior Chris L. faced off against frosh Cameron in a close game of handball. Looks like Cameron came out victorious in this match!_AXL0214



Ultimately, the freshman and senior teams took first place for the night, leaving the sophomores and juniors in the dust. Don't worry though, there'll be more sports nights to come where an inevitable rematch will take place. Make sure to join us next time!

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