4th of July with Kle2!

This past Tuesday we celebrated Independence Day Kle2 style: flying kites at the shoreline, cooking and eating some awesome food together and watching an epic thriller about AMERICA! First, we got together in Alameda to make kites, out of paper, trash bags and whatever other materials we could possibly use for a homemade kite! We took them out to the shoreline to test them out, but unfortunately most homemade kites did not fly :( We had a lot of fun trying though, and eventually the kites that actually flew were the ones we got off of Amazon!


You can already tell that some of these kites look questionable... especially that weird huge one in the back. Looks like everyone is having fun though :)

After our kite-flying (or lack thereof) we went back inside to prepare an awesome meal of Philly cheesesteaks, grilled veggies & sausages, BBQ ribs and the like! During dinner we watched "Miracle", a movie about the stunning victory of the American amateur ice hockey team over the Soviets in the 1980 Olympics!


You can feel the patriotism in this man's stance. We chanted "USA! USA! USA!" along with the crowd during the movie too!

Happy 4th! Hope you can join us next time!