LARB (Lots'A Really Bomb) Wraps and Reflection Tools

Summer is in full swing here at Kle2! This week at Holly House, we experimented with a new menu item--larb, a Thai lettuce wrap topped with rice, pork, cilantro, and Thai sauce. It was an instant hit! DSC00252DSC00280

We then headed on over to All-College Bible Study at HB, where Sarah K shared insightful tips on how to reflect in a more thoughtful and complete way.

DSC00310 If you think about it, self-reflection is so crucial for relationships, not only with God, but also with other people. In a relationship, two people seek to learn about and understand one another--and presenting yourself before another person involves knowing yourself! When it comes to our relationship with God, we can know God through how he's revealed himself through people in history; but knowing ourselves is necessary, too. That way, we can see ourselves in the backdrop of who God is. So, keep up that journaling and reflection!

Following Bible study, we headed back to Holly House for... err, "round 2" (which felt like a 2nd dinner). We hung out (and competed in some intense Taboo) while some aspiring cooks whipped up some ramen, "ramolets," and baked cheese rolls (literally rolled).




If you're eager for the recipes, ask some of the senior bros at the next HomeGroup. :)

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